Common Chronic Medical Conditions

What you put on your plate is as important as breathing.

What you put on your plate is as important as breathing.

Studies indicate that asthma and allergies are second only to lower back pain in the United States of America.  There are many symptoms, but they are only outward manifestations of something much more serious and internal.  Mostly people are concerned with the discomforts that these symptoms cause.

Having an allergy is one of the major signs of toxic build-up in your Immune system.  So the focus ought to be balancing the Immune System.

What most people do not understand is this:  Digestion is absolutely at the foundation of your health

Keeping your Immune system healthy and strong is vital for your protection from disease.

To strengthen Your Immune System:

1.  Have a Positive Attitude

2.  Eat a diet that consists of fresh raw fruits and vegetables as well as fiber for roughage, for example, wheat bran

3.  Avoid simple carbohydrates–foods processed with refined ingredients such as in pre-packaged foods

4.  Ample Sleep and Relaxation

5.  Moderate Exercise to combat fatigue and stress

The Gut is the Key to Overall Health

Certain medications can irritate or damage the lining of your intestines causing a serious problem such as Leaky Gut:

Antibiotics are one of the biggest offenders and can annihilate your friendly gut flora.

Radiation, chemotherapy steroid drugs, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and other NSAIDs can increase intestinal permeability.

Other health issues besides Leaky gut that may show up are:  Parasites, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome–these all are traced to food intolerance.

For information on Wholistic Ways to Prevent Allergies, please contact Healthy Life Institute at 801-358-4777.

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Getting in Touch With Your Body

Food Intolerance or Allergy

Image“Stop Feeling Sick” was the title of an article I read recently.  It was basically about ‘How to Sleuth Out a Food Intolerance or Allergy — and Return to Full Health’.

The human body is a magnificent machine–with intelligence–not just from the brain in your head but the brain in your Gastrointestinal Tract.  [They are connected–believe it or not!

Are you more concerned with the symptoms you are experiencing rather than wanting to get to the cause of your health issues.  The answer is simple:  What’s on your plate? what do you consume?  Where you need to look for most of your health problems that arise is right there in front of you.

For example:  You have recently eaten at a restaurant, and later on that evening or even most of the next day, you are experiencing a migraine headache with most or all of the classic symptoms:  pain behind one eye, noise bothers you, light bothers you,  and you feel nauseated.  Your immediate response is to grab some medicine to ease the pain.   What if, the next time you write down what you ate, and watch for those symptoms again and repeat the process?  But is that the answer?  Partially!  You need to be proactive and pay attention to what is causing this type of reaction so that you can avoid that particular food or it’s ingredients.

Does your stomach get upset or do you have sinus congestion often after you eat?  Do you have asthma attacks, feel dizzy or just don’t feel right?  Do you ever get pneumonia and can’t seem to shake it?  Do you experience diarrhea often or irritable bowel syndrome?

It is no fun being sick or having to postpone an activity you were looking forward to, right?

Most Common Offenders Are:


Shellfish – shrimp, crayfish, lobster and crab


Tree nuts

Fish such as salmon


Wheat and other gluten-containing grains

Sugar found in fruits and honey

Dairy products

Corn products

[Source is National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, American Gastroenterological Society]

What You Can Do:

If you suspect certain foods are ‘hijacking’ your health, it’s important for your long-term health and wellness to contact one of our personal health consultants.  He can help you find out what foods trigger a reaction by doing a personalized, computerized health analysis.  Call Healthy Life Institute for a consultation at 801-358-4777.

If you live in Utah, along the Wasatch Front, we hold “free” healthy lifestyle workshops to keep people like you informed.  These workshops are currently being held on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. at our clinic.  It just so happens that our next topic “The Gut-Brain Connection – Dysbiosis” is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Next, avoid those foods that cause havoc on your body.  Keep your eye on the labels of such foods as flours, syrups, sugars, prepackaged foods.  Remember, continued exposure can cause chronic GI Inflammation and long-term problems such as Autoimmune disorders where your body attacks itself causing you great discomfort.

Finally, ask your favorite restaurants for a list of their ingredients so you can avoid those foods that cause problems.

Source:  Excerpts from “Stop Feeling Sick!”, Delicious Living, May 2013, p 30-3




Truth About Smoothies

Do you care?

“Take good care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”  Jim Rohn

What goes into your smoothie?  Some smoothies may look delicious, but they are literally packed with calories and sugar.  You may think you’re getting an energy boost, only to crash in about an hour or so.

I’ve recently learned that smoothies from Jamba Juice and Planet Smoothie are packed full of sugar and sodium.  For example: a 24-ounce Peanut Butter Moo’d smoothie from Jamba Juice contained 770 calories, 126 grams of carbs, 109 grams of sugar, 20 grams of fat (4.5 grams of that is saturated!), and 490 milligrams of sodium.

Another example:  Planet Smoothie’s Strawberry Mr. Mongo Workout Blast has 400 calories, zero fat and only 150 milligrams of sodium, but contains 58 grams of sugar.  That’s twice as much sugar content than a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar.

We attribute our great health and vitality to our ‘Breakfast Smoothie’ that we’ve had for over a decade.  We know that breakfast can be a challenge, but it is the most important meal of the day.  There needs to be an ideal mix of the following ingredients; otherwise, you will easily become hungry.

Place the following in a Powerful Blender:

Fresh Fruits (organic apple–wash, core and quarter; berries–fresh or frozen; and apricots–rinse, split and discard pit.  These fruits are packed with antioxidant properties and fiber)

Vegetables (fresh zucchini, kale, cucumber–remove skin, etc.)

Healthy Fats (*Omega Liquid 3-6-9 by Systemic Formulas, Inc.)

Fiber (1 – 3 scoops daily of *FBR – FIBERS FOR INTESTINAL HEALTH by Systemic Formulas, Inc.)

Lean Protein (*Accell Therapeutic or *Accell Meal Complete by Systemic Formulas, Inc. )

Pure, Filtered Water and Ice Cubes

For more information on our ‘Breakfast Smoothies’ or if you would like to order any of the Systemic Formulas products, contact Healthy Life Institute at 801-317-1647.