Renewable Energy Facts

After hundreds of hours of research regarding renewable energy, we would like to share with our customers this vital information.  There are many types of renewable energy for residential and commercial use.  Due to enormous advances in solar technology over the past three to five years, we feel that every home in America should take advantage of this wonderful, money-saving technology.

With improved technology and improved pricing and government rebates today, one can install solar panels on their home for virtually zero out-of-pocket money.  Our philosophy has been to be prepared for the future.  We feel that embracing renewable energy is one of the most important concepts in being prepared for the future.

Due to the research and the interest in this affordable technology, we have decided to organize a group of women to help their friends and neighbors learn what the true facts are regarding renewable energy.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in learning more about this new approach to the solar market as a renewable source, invite them to come to a special meeting on Thursday, January 25th, 20127 at 7:00 p.m., located at Healthy Life Institute, 1156 South State Street, Suite 206, Orem, UT 84097.  The information being presented will be well-worth their time and effort to attend.

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Our Mission Statement for the past several years has been . . .“to help each individual and their families gain a better understanding of their physical, mental, emotional, financial and preparedness health.  We invite each person to take good care of their bodies because, in reality, it is the only place one has to live.”

Our Motto:  Your Health is Your Choice!

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