Human-Capital vs Investment-Capital


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Over the course of the last few decades, Americans have been deluded by the socio-economic theories postulated by institutions of higher learning and governmental policies and their inconsistencies.  We have allowed these delusions to become part and parcel of our personal philosophies.  These philosophies have been enhanced by selfishness and greed.  Selfishness, because we are willing to let others have responsibility for our own decision-making processes; greed, because we have become believers in the misguided theory, that is, through the efforts of others, including the government, that we will become rich.  Therefore, we have squandered our health, because we have been persuaded that health comes in a bottle and regardless of our personal choices, the government will come to our rescue, in supplying the needed solutions to regain our lost health.

All things being equal, personal incomes have varied according to the amount of investment in human capital; that is, the education and training undertaking by individuals or groups.  A further expectation is that widespread investment in human capital creates in the labor-force the skill-base indispensable for economic growth.   The survival of the human-capital reservoir is aid, for example, to explain the rapid reconstruction achieved by the defeated powers of the Second World War.

Human capital arises out of any activity able to raise individual productivity.  Investment in human capital involves both direct costs, and costs in foregone earnings.  During the past few decades we have seen productivity decline and at the same time employee costs continue to rise.

The chief reason behind this reversed equation is that the employees see themselves as the dependents of the employers, not just for wages paid but for life itself.  Through the propaganda of the government, the unions, the food industries, and the insurance companies, the general public has been convinced that they are the wards of the state and everybody, except themselves, is responsible for any and all circumstances that might arise from living life on this planet.

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket and absenteeism is through the roof, more and more pressure is being directed to those entities that we all have been convinced are ultimately responsible for our health and possibly our very lives.  Not only have we as individuals squandered our health in search of wealth, but so have the entire Marxist (government) controlled entities.

The net result is that the government is now trying to do a turnabout and is now advocating that we squandered our so-called wealth in search of HEALTHAre we going to continue down this path to utter destruction or are we going to take back our agency and our freedom and choose for ourselves where we will be in the next 25 years?  

How Much is Your Health Worth?

Remember, Change Begins With Choice!

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