Be the Change You

Wish To See In The World

People, or rather Human Capitalists, are the most important assets in this life!

We rely on human capital to achieve results!

In order to change the environment, a higher priority needs to be placed on human capital above everything else.

Human Capital can improve our present economy!  Human Capitalists can better serve the American people when they lead by example.

Two key principles that are central to the human capital idea:

  1. People are assets whose value can be enhanced through investment; and
  2. People need to incorporate a clearly defined and communicated ‘shared vision’ as to:
    • The mission
    • Vision for the future
    • Core values
    • Goals
    • Objectives

Organizations in the public as well as the private sector recognize that an organization’s people largely determine its capacity to perform.  They recognize also that people vary in their talents and motivations.  This will enable the organization, no matter the size, to continue ‘the human capital building system’ of:

  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Training
  • Enrolling

When the ‘building system’ is in place, there is always going to be — diversity, retention, performance, and success.


Support and Reward Teams to Achieve High Performance.  Foster a culture in which individuals interact and support and learn from each other as a means of contributing to the high performance of their peers or organizations as a whole.  Bring together the right people with the right competencies to achieve high performance as the Result.

Enroll, develop and retain human capitalists according to competencies.  Identify the competencies–knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors–needed to achieve high performance of mission and goals, and build and sustain the organization’s talent pool through recruiting, enrolling, development and retention.

Communicate a shared vision so that all human capitalists in an organization work together as one team. Provide a common understanding of the mission, strategic goals, and core values to achieve as you work together as a team.

Provide the opportunity for sharing the accountability of each member of a team.  Human capitalists emphasize that recognition of others is vital in growing a business or organization.