Building Your Immune System

Now is the time to build your immune system–better than ever before!

In our modern society where so much knowledge and resources are available to us, the responsibility of taking care of our own health cannot be underestimated.  The need for vaccinations (inoculations) or antibiotics is over-rated and antiquated.

“More people than ever are reportedly sick this winter, [1] including those who got their flu vaccination.  But while the push for vaccination reaches a fever pitch, the hard evidence has yet again shown that flu vaccines rarely work, and when they do, they don’t offer much in terms of protection.”

How do you and others find more effective methods to preventing illnesses such as the flu and flu-like symptoms?

  • Dietary interventions (that means leaving out the junk food and sugary drinks) and eating a more wholesome variety of foods;
  • Making sure your vitamin D and your gut flora are optimized;
  • Be sure you are washing your hands after being out in public, and before preparing food for yourself and others;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Get plenty of exercise;
  • To avoid spreading germs do you turn your head into your sleeve when you cough or sneeze?  Do you teach your family members to do the same?
  • Wash dishes right after meals to avoid bacteria from spreading;

Television doctors that are promoting the pharmaceutical industry without any mention about individuals susceptibility making them more prone to vaccine damage or the questionable rationale for vaccinating pregnant women, babies and all Americans each and every year is ludicrous.

Giving a sick person antibiotics for everything is not the answer, especially when it comes to getting rid of a virus.  If a person gets a virus, it’s best to let it runs its course.  There are some really tough viruses out there because of their mutations since antibiotics came into being.  You are not told about the side effects that result, i.e., neurological problems, etc.

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