Where do you get your Red Meat, Chicken or Fish from?

Go to Blogroll to the right, and click on “Living Young!”   Then, click on the topic:  Meat-Glue Secrets Exposed  and watch a 6-minute video presentation.  [Be sure to turn the volume on your computer.]

Can you believe it?  Meat manufacturing using a toxic form of meat glue to hold scraps of meat together and reselling it to make a profit at the consumer’s expense — not just monetarily, but healthy-wise!

Will this change where you will get your meat from now on?  Go to your local grass-fed farms for the meat.  Have fresh wild salmon flown in from Alaska!  Raise your own grass-fed chickens and eggs. [About a month ago, we bought 4 chicks, we are raising them in an incubator, and we built a chicken coop truck so that we can move the chickens around our back yard.  The chicks are growing bigger every week, and maybe they will be able to produce eggs for us by August or September.   Exciting!]